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What ever shall we call the children?

Life is currently surrounded by the sounds of little feet pitter-pattering on the floor. The homes of those proud parents are awash with lots of laughter, and a lot more tears; With spit ups and poop downs; with angelic gurgles and parental wails of doom!

All this brought us to ask – what ever shall we call the children?

And so the conversation went:

Q. What will we name our children?
A. Hmmm…how about ‘Chhichori 1’ and ‘Lafanga 2’?

Outrage ensued – questions continued.

Q. No seriously! Tell me na, what will their names be?
A. How about you worry about that when the time comes? In the mean while, I do have some super hero names you can peruse through – you know, like, Kal-el.
Q. Who was that?
A. Oh, Superman before he became awesome! *Gleee*

*Eye roll*

Q. Any other suggestions you might have? *wry look*
A. Actually yes – I was thinking ‘Hajooj Majooj! You know – little twin monsters!’

Q. Look, I’m SERIOUS! Have you thought of anything?
A. Ok, ok, I’ll be serious now. How about ‘Light bringer’ and ‘Morning star’?
Q. Oh, wow, where did you get those from? Beautiful! How about just translating them in Arabic, and using them, no matter what the names in Arabic are!!?
A. Oh, really? *evil giggle* Because those were the names of the Devil before he fell!

AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!! No no no! Those names will never do!

And so the children shall remain unnamed until further notice!


3 Responses to “What ever shall we call the children?”

  1. I want to know why had you stopped writing?

  2. Don’t have much time now.

  3. nice Blog of this very lovely questions nd the answers are Awesome me too want to know the reason of stopper writing. 🙂

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