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‘The bread will come…

… where it comes from, and how much comes, is already pre-decided. You can try and manipulate the path, but you really don’t have any command over it.’

A question that has plagued me of late is – what’s the point? Why do we exist? Is there a purpose? Why do we follow the same routine every day? We get up, we go to work, we come back, eat and sleep. Then we get up and do it again. What is the purpose of this endless drudgery?

Today, I got an interesting answer – ‘You work because it is a personal choice. God does not require this of you’.

I objected that it was a finance driven need.

‘Yes, but you created that need.’

I was confused at that answer.

‘You created that need. You make your possessions a need. Live in a smaller house. Eat simple food. Don’t work – settle for less and be happy. But yet, you work. Why? Because you strive to be in a better position. Because you create conditions for yourself to succeed, to thrive, to live better each day.

An understanding dawned on me. Truly, we create our life conditions on whom we want to be.

‘And the irony of it all is…Man is never happy. It’s never enough’.


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